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Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007

All those who work in the construction industry have their part to play looking after their own health and safety and in improving the industry's health and safety record.

A CDM client is someone who is having construction or building work carried out, unless they are a domestic client. A domestic client is someone who lives, or will live, in the premises where the work is carried out and the premises must not relate to any trade, business or other undertaking. Although a domestic client does not have duties under CDM, those who work for them on construction projects will.

Where projects are notifiable under CDM 2007, clients must:

  • Appoint a CDM co-ordinator
  • Appoint a principal contractor
  • Make sure that construction work does not start unless a construction phase plan is in place and there are adequate welfare facilities on site
  • Provide information relating to the health and safety file to the CDM co-ordinator
  • Retain and provide access to the health and safety file

Duties of a CDM Co-ordinator

  • To notify details of the project to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).
  • To co-ordinate health and safety aspects of design work and co-operate with others involved with the project.
  • To facilitate good communication between the client, designers and contractors.
  • To liaise with the principal contractor regarding ongoing design work.
  • To identify, collect and pass on pre-construction information.
  • To prepare/update the health and safety file.

The early appointment of a CDM Co-ordinator is crucial for effective planning and the regulations require the appointment to take place as soon as is practicable after initial design work or other preparation for construction work has begun.

The CDM co-ordinator needs to be in a position to co-ordinate the design work and advise on the suitability of the designs, and therefore they should be appointed before significant detailed design work begins.

Proper consideration of the health and safety implications of the design for those who build and maintain the structure will make a significant contribution to reducing its whole life cost, and will make delivery to time, cost and quality more likely.

If your project requires a CDM Co-ordinator, AFA has the experience and expertise to help


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